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This 5th Wheel has a hitch weight of 2695 lbs, a dry weight of 13490 lbs, and a GVWR of lbs. This New Keystone Montana measures out to 41' 0" in

VIN: MO7768
Condition: New
Weight: 13490 lbs.

Experience the comfort of home wherever you go with the 2021 Keystone Montana 3781RL! This 5th Wheel was built for the long haul, and you can bring

VIN: MO4698
Condition: New
Weight: 13490 lbs.

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VIN: MO5962
Condition: New
Weight: 14119 lbs.

There is so much to do inside and out when you're traveling with the 2021 Keystone Montana 3791RD! There are an abundance of campground amenities

VIN: MO7882
Condition: New
Weight: 14119 lbs.

You're closer than you think to owning your own 2021 Keystone Montana 3812MS 5th Wheel from Lakeshore RV Center! We're the #1 RV dealer in

VIN: MO8728
Condition: New
Weight: 13635 lbs.

Would you like to save $1000s on the 2021 Keystone Montana 3813MS? Then see us at Lakeshore RV Center in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan today! We

VIN: MO1516
Condition: New
Weight: 13635 lbs.

Get the nation's lowest prices at Lakeshore RV Center! With these affordable prices and exceptional customer service, it's no wonder why we're the

VIN: MO8550
Condition: New
Weight: 13576 lbs.

You'll experience all the family fun you could ever imagine in this 2021 Keystone Montana 3855BR! Lakeshore RV Center wants to ensure that our

VIN: MO4893
Condition: New
Weight: 13644 lbs.

Your dreams of RV ownership are about to come true! This New 2021 Keystone Montana 3930FB is great for a family of travelers! You can find this 5th

VIN: MO7673
Condition: New
Weight: 13564 lbs.

If you're on the hunt for a top-notch 5th Wheel that's built for the long haul, then look no further! The reliable 2021 Keystone Montana 3931FB is

VIN: MO9377
Condition: New
Weight: 13542 lbs.

Start planning out your future adventures with the 2021 Keystone Montana 3760FL! You can find this 5th Wheel and other great models at Lakeshore RV

VIN: 700345
Condition: New
Weight: 14147 lbs.

Your favorite family memories are yet to happen! Go explore this great continent with the 2020 Keystone Montana 3120RL! It's an amazing 5th Wheel,

VIN: 703317
Condition: New
Weight: 12056 lbs.