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Save on all-new Keystone Mountaineer RVs! If you're a fan of the Keystone Montana, then just wait till you see how the Mountaineer RV takes this popular recreational vehicle to all-new levels of comfort, style, and performance. Enjoy convenient amenities, creative floor plans, spacious interiors, contemporary style and more - plus all the standard features and benefits that have long made the Keystone Montana one of the most popular fifth wheels in North America. Best of all, with Lakeshore RV, you can rest assured you're not only getting the lowest price for your new RV - but also dedicated customer service and support you can count on. That's why we're #1 in Keystone Mountaineer sales worldwide. Click through to our site today to learn more about the Keystone Mountaineer RV, or call us at 855-700-1665.

For family fun and great memories, this 2021 Keystone Montana is perfect! Lakeshore RV Center wants you and your family to make wonderful family

Condition: New
Weight: 13896 lbs.

The 2021 Keystone Montana 3855BR can be yours at a price you won't believe. Simply come in to Lakeshore RV Center and let us show you how! We're

Condition: New
Weight: 13896 lbs.

There is so much to do inside and out when you're traveling with the 2021 Keystone Montana 3120RL! There are an abundance of campground amenities

VIN: MO1496
Condition: New
Weight: 12056 lbs.

Would you like to save $1000s on the 2021 Keystone Montana 3121RL? Then see us at Lakeshore RV Center in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan today! We

VIN: MO3399
Condition: New
Weight: 12273 lbs.
Montana 3230CK Floor Plan - 2021

Has the 2021 Keystone Montana 3230CK caught your eye, but you think it's out of reach? Think again and come talk to us at Lakeshore RV Center!

VIN: MO8239
Condition: New
Weight: 12729 lbs.
Montana 3231CK Floor Plan - 2021

See why Lakeshore RV Center is the number one Michigan RV dealer when you browse through our massive inventory! You'll find the nation's lowest

VIN: MO3012
Condition: New
Weight: 12752 lbs.

There's no better gift than the gift of adventure, and that's what you'll get with the 2021 Keystone Montana 3760FL! This 5th Wheel is built for

VIN: MO1466
Condition: New
Weight: 14240 lbs.

Venture off into the great outdoors with this 2021 Keystone Montana 3761FL! This 5th Wheel is reliable and loaded with fun amenities! Lakeshore RV

VIN: MO0021
Condition: New
Weight: 14248 lbs.

Every trip is one to remember with the reliable 2021 Keystone Montana 3762BP! This 5th Wheel is both comfortable and dashing, and you can find this

VIN: MO2648
Condition: New
Weight: 14128 lbs.

If you're planning on going on more road trips across the country, you should really bring home the 2021 Keystone Montana 3763BP! It's a reliable

VIN: MO6633
Condition: New
Weight: 14202 lbs.

If you have your eye on the 2021 Keystone Montana 3780RL then come and see us at Lakeshore RV Center in Muskegon, Michigan for a price you won't

VIN: MO7768
Condition: New
Weight: 13427 lbs.

The 2021 Keystone Montana 3781RL can be yours at a price you won't believe. Simply come in to Lakeshore RV Center and let us show you how! We're

VIN: MO4698
Condition: New
Weight: 13485 lbs.